A few weeks ago, my exams were over. I was so tired of my exams. I was exhausted, so to have some mental refreshment, I started watching a beautiful drama “Love O2O”. It is a very lovely story about love and online games. It’s a 2016 Chinese Drama based on a novel with the same name.


In this drama, we have four main characters.

Bei Weiwei

Wei Wei is a university student and a gamer. She is as pretty as a picture. The character is played by Zheng Shuang.

Zhen Shaoxiang

Zhen is the ex-husband of Bei Wei Wei and he only judges the other person by his looks and appearance. This character is played by Zhang He.

Xiao Nai

Xiao Nai is a senior student at the university. He is the top player in the game and the CEO of the Zhi Yi technology company. He is a handsome and intelligent boy. This character is played by Yang Yang.

Yu Yao

She was considered the number one beauty of the game after the photo competition. She is always jealous of Wei Wei’s fighting skills and beauty. She is Zhen’s wife in the game. This character is played by Liu Yinglun.

Plot Summary

In this drama, there is a gorgeous and smart girl named Wei Wei. She studies computer science at a university and likes online games. She is completely addicted to an online game “The Chinese Ghost story”. It is the most played online game and she is one of the top players. In this game, the players fight with monsters. They even marry each other to gain more power. They even have a platform where all gamers interact with each other via chat. Zhen, a handsome boy, and the manager of a large company is also a pro player in the game. He asked her to marry him. In this way, both of them can fight monsters with more power.

Wei Wei is a pro player in the game. She has not uploaded her profile pic yet. Some players doubted that she is impersonating a girl. Zhen and Wei were a cute couple pretty good at smashing the monsters. As Zhen also started believing the rumors about Wei. Another player named “ Yu Yao” uploaded her profile pic. She was pretty so Zhen divorced Wei Wei and married the other beautiful female player.

Xiao Nai, a good looking clever boy who is the crush of each and every girl in the university. He is a student in the computer science department and the basketball champion. He also plays “The Chinese Ghost Story” and he was the number one player on that server. One day Xiao saw Wei in a cafeteria playing an online game. He was impressed by Wei’s fighting skills and sent her a friend request. Wei Wei was shocked and accepted it just at the moment because he was the top player. Then Xiao Nai asked her out. Wei Wei was astonished after finding out that Xiao Nai was his senior and a handsome boy at their university. They were the most beautiful couple in the university. Xiao Nai was a handsome programmer, hacker, and CEO of a start-up company. He was working on “The New Chinese Ghost Story”. One day all the players who were friends in the game decided to meet up in a café. On that day Zhang was surprised to found that Wei Wei was not a boy but a gorgeous girl. Each and every boy present there was admired by her beauty. Yu Yao was jealous of Wei Wei because she has such a good looking boyfriend. Zhen and Xiao Nai both were working on the game “The New Chinese Ghost story”. Xiao was a hard worker and he was serious about his work while Zhen was all-time busy having chit-chats with girls. The company manager asked them to show their ways of improving the game in the next week. In the meeting, Xiao Nai’s ideas were bright and brilliant. Zhen actually doesn’t have any idea about improving the game or what difficulties players have or what kind of changes players want. Zhen was even quite impressed by Xiao Nai’s ideas in the meeting. After Xiao Nai got the contract, he asked Wei’s father for permission to marry his daughter. His father was possessive about her marriage. But soon he gave them his permission and blessing as Xiao was the best person for her daughter.

In this drama, the heroine Wei Wei was also the tutor of a disabled child. She said that most people think that playing online games is just a waste of time but I think that the child who is disabled in real life can feel like a normal person in an online game. In real life he cannot even move but in game he can run, jump and kill enemies with friends which he cannot do in real life. He can feel the happiness of having fun with friends. Playing online games is not a bad thing but students’ priority should be their study, not game. Game is even made for kids to have fun in free time but not in study time.


This drama is about love like having trust in your partner, show some respect to them. It will make your relationship strong and healthy and these things will also make him oppressed to respect you back. It’s a wonderful story about love and being sincere with your partner. The thing I like in this drama is having no curiosity type material or sad ending. When you are watching this drama, you will feel relaxed and happy.

You can watch this drama with English subtitles for free on YouTube here.

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